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Colon Hydrotherapy/Irrigation is a warm internal bath. The colon is an extremely important organ and essential for good health. Situated in the abdomen and forming the final part of the digestive processes and elimination, the large intestine or bowel measures approximately 5ft in length by 2½ " in diameter.


A healthy colon produces itís own natural flora and will be literally swarming with billions of microscopic organisms, these play a major part in nutrition and digestion. Friendly bacteria manufacture nutrients necessary to good health such as vitamin K and some B vitamins by digesting some of the contents of the bowel these are needed to help to protect against infection. Another major role of theirsí is to assist in the detoxification of waste. Poor nutrition, stress, pollution, some drugs and smoking are just a few influencing factors that can easily upset this delicate balance.


When healthy, transit time usually takes, on average, 24 hours from consuming a meal to defecation (having at least one movement a day). If, however, disorders of the bowel or poor digestion are present the re-absorption of soluble waste material into the bloodstream may occur. This is a term known as auto-intoxication or self- poisoning placing other organs of elimination under a great deal of stress. It leaves one feeling sluggish, lethargic, low in mood, short of breath and more likely to develop skin problems. Furthermore chronic constipation can be a precursor to other disorders/diseasesí of the colon such as haemorrhoids, diverticulitis, colitis, fissures and has been linked to bowel cancer.